Once upon a time, while chit-chatting with some musician buddies of mine, just like one asks the typical question made to kids: What do you want to do when you grow up? And one of these buddies asked me: And what do you want to do as a musician? To which I responded: I wanna make music for movies… obviously something way inside of me had moved me to offer that response, since undoubtedly, I did not have the slightest idea of how and where to begin and this was just a mere desire due to the fascination that accompanied me my whole life of the merge between image and music.
This was in the year 1978 and I was part of the group “Los Calchakis”, and we were on a tour through Spain with my very dear “Negra”, Mercedes Sosa .
I had been living in Paris since ´75, back then I had disembarked with my dreams and a guitar at the other side of the Atlantic, just like so many others during those tragic years of Latin America.
I had always considered that we had all forgotten my grandparents and that they were begging me to go look for them… just like a genetic mandate that made me cross over so much water in order to let my dreams sprout.
My first important presentations in Europe, were possible whilst quite a few punctual presentations at the metro of Paris, these took place at various restaurants and bars of the renown “barrio latino”, these in fact were night tours or rounds if you will, or even small mini-recitals, that were joyfully ornamented by various waiters that yelled out their orders to the chef from the middle of the restaurant, while my buddy José and I played evermore loudly with greater impetus and for the twenty-third time that night the theme song “EL CONDOR PASA”. Our act ended with a solo act of “Guantanamera” in guitar and voice of José, while I, with a highly suspicious French, that was barely phonetically acceptable, passed along the plate of food among the diners while reciting the sentence “s’il vous plait, pour les musciciens ‘’.
Those were in fact my very first artistic experiences in Europe, though I have to admit that the “grand départ” of my career actually began right after that disastrous measles that I contracted at the age of 5, that was when my dad, as a gift for the sick little boy, brought me a little brown Argentinean “bombo”, that I still dearly remember with all my heart, as my very first musical instrument that reached my hands.
Now, when I look at the calendar, I can admit that everything seemed to happen so fast during those first years in Europe, though I must admit that back then everything also seemed to pass by more slowly; that’s probably why my childhood memory, of the backyard of the house where I was born , in the barrio de Saavedra in Buenos Aires, was a huge space covered by a centennial parra tree, where in those good old summer days my brother and I water hosed each other, always anxiously expecting the next vacation period, when by train , we would all go to the sierras of Cosquín, and nowadays that very same backyard, seems so tiny.
In fact, I must admit that some of my disembarked dreams in Europe, did come true, in fact most of them did, life opened its doors wide open all of the magic and grabbed me by the hand to take a walk through the unpredictable and marvelous trails of love and music.
After so many years and despite the faces of amazement from my tour buddies of those years in front of my response, I think that I can now say that I do what I always wanted to do for a living: music for each image. Every project is a challenge, a unique adventure, but above all, the magic and the fantasy once more are present each and every time that I sit in front of a film to compose its music. Images surprise us, they thrust us , they talk to us, sometimes they beg our pardon, sometimes they even beg for company, but boy are they always together, the image and the music, in a never ending union, speaking a common or universal language. A gift for the soul.

Osvaldo Montes
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